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Terms of Service for Future Shredding, Inc.

  1. On-Site Document Disposal/Shredding:

1.1. A team member from Future Shredding, Inc., who is uniformed, bonded, and insured, will take the confidential documents/materials directly to the shredding mechanism on the Future Shredding truck and destroy them on-site before leaving the premises.

1.2. You have the option to observe the destruction of the documents through the video monitor located on the shredding truck. Future Shredding, Inc. promises that all documents/materials will be destroyed on-site and will provide a certificate of destruction as proof.

  1. Confidentiality:

2.1. Future Shredding, Inc. will not view or examine any documents or materials designated for shredding and will not disclose, release, or communicate any confidential information to any third party, person, individual, organization, or entity that is not employed by the agency office.

2.2. Future Shredding, Inc. may collect names, addresses, email addresses, and titles for future correspondences, such as email contacts, sales contacts, business references, and soliciting. The collected information may be used directly or indirectly within Future Shredding, Inc.

  1. Certificate of Destruction:

3.1. A certificate of destruction will be provided upon completion of all shredding services.

  1. Client Property Consent:

4.1. The client grants permission to Future Shredding, Inc. and its employees to enter and use their property for the purpose of providing shredding and recycling services.

  1. Client Agreements:

5.1. The client agrees that the bins and consoles are to be used solely for storage until the shredding service is completed and not for waste collection or protection against fire, earthquake, flooding, vandalism, or any other destructive circumstance.

5.2. The client acknowledges and agrees that all materials deposited into the bin/console will be destroyed and recycled and assumes all responsibility for any personal property and materials deposited into the bin/console. The client also takes responsibility for any damages done to Future Shredding, Inc.’s property while being used by the client.

5.3. The bin/console will be inspected prior to the rendering of services and belong to Future Shredding, Inc.

  1. Identity Theft:

6.1. The client understands that Future Shredding, Inc. does not and cannot guarantee complete identity theft protection or any particular result with shredding destruction services.

  1. Service/Outstanding Debts:

7.1. The client understands that Future Shredding, Inc. reserves the right to change the time and/or date of the agreed service at any time and to suspend service indefinitely if the account has an outstanding balance. The company also reserves the right to add service fees and rental charges for equipment.

7.2. The signer/client of this agreement understands that Future Shredding, Inc. can pursue the signer/client by any legal means to settle any outstanding debts. The signer/client agrees to pay all costs associated with collecting debts, including attorney’s fees and court costs, incurred by Future Shredding, Inc.”


Updated 2/23

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