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By Heather Posey
Production Manager

In all businesses both big and small, paperwork tends to pile up, leaving dated and confidential information collecting dust in a filing cabinet for so long that many often forget that it is there. But for the office wanting to minimize the clutter, Future Shredding offers a secure document-destruction service.
Located in Signal Hill, Future Shredding is a new company, owned and operated by Don Scarborough, who is also the president of Future Box, which buys and sells used and obsolete boxes.

“More or less, I’m a recycler,” said Scarborough. “I’ve been in the used and obsolete recycling business for 25 years. So that’s what we’ve been doing, and I looked into document shredding years ago.”
Just an idea contemplated by Scarborough, it wasn’t until his own financial information was stolen that he finally launched his plan into action.
“I myself had a check taken from me and it cost me about $15,000,” he said. “So I started up a business plan and opened [Future Shredding] up in August of 2007.”
A few months shy of their one-year anniversary, Future Shredding is a family-owned business, with Scarborough’s brother and son working alongside him, providing on-site document destruction to individuals and businesses with their state-of-the-art mobile shredding truck.
“We come to businesses, shred their documents and you can view [the process] through our camera on site,” he said. “We also have customers bring their documents here [at the office] too that we’ll shred in front of them.” shred-truck.jpg

Future Shredding’s service includes providing their customers with locked security bins or consoles to put their documents into, then service technicians come to the office daily, weekly, or monthly depending on the customer’s preference. Once taken from the office, the bins are put onto a lift on the outside of the truck, which purges the documents inside the truck and shreds them. The technicians don’t even touch the individual documents.
After the confidential material is destroyed, a certificate of destruction is issued by Future Shredding. The company also provides one-time document-purging services to businesses as well. And as for the boxes that were used to hold all those papers, Scarborough says “we’ll take those too,” breaking them down to be recycled.
Knowing how paperwork can pile up over the years, Scarborough highly recommends using a service as opposed to the common office shredder.

“It just doesn’t work,” he said. “Everybody who comes to me says the same thing. ‘It takes way too much time.’ It takes forever to just sit there and shred documents for a whole year or years.”
The cost for Future Shredding varies depending on the size of documents and the frequency of pickup. Future Shredding is located at 2777 Raymond Avenue in Signal Hill. For more information, call (562) 426-0557 or visit

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