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Late Payment Policy

We believe our agreement with you is simple — we will provide services, all we ask is that you pay us when you receive our invoice. We do not need reminders to provide services (except on occasion), we don’t believe you should need several reminders to pay us.

Invoicing: We will send you an invoice at the conclusion of a project, or purge. We will send the invoice to the e-mail/ mail address specified by you. This email address can be confirmed and updated by you 24/7 through our online customer portal. If the e- mail bounces, we will attempt to contact you by other means. If the e-mail does not bounce, we will assume you received it.

Due date: Payments are due and payable upon your receipt of our invoice. We would like to have payment in our office within thirty days of the invoice due date.

Late payments: If we have not received your payment in our office within the terms of the invoice due date, we will send you an email reminder. Also, we will add a 1.5% late payment fee to your invoice. We reserve the right to change rates (up to 5%). We also have the right to charge a flat fee. The purpose is to defray the costs associated with collecting late payments.

Non-payment: If you refuse to pay us, or do not respond to our e-mails, we will make every effort to collect the debt. As a reminder, you have agreed that all costs we incur associated with collecting debts, including attorneys’ fees and court costs, will be paid by you. If you would like to review the Agreement itself, please review your proposal or ask for a copy.

We do not want to charge you extra fees because we do not believe “nickel-and- diming” our customers, but unfortunately, sometimes they are necessary. We have a couple extra charges that we will have to pass on to your invoice if they occur.

Extra Fees:

Alternative shredding: Media Non-paper material

Disposal Renting: (rented bins)

Pickup: (Non accessible accounts) Late fees


F.S.Late Payment 2020 (rev 1/9)

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