SOC 2/3 Compliance

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Paper Destruction | Onsite Document Shredding Services

We follow all local and federal privacy laws. See our TOS page for further details.



Future Shredding, Inc protects against unauthorized access to sensitive information in customer offices by providing locked containers to store discarded documents or hard drives prior to destruction. During the destruction process, only carefully selected, screened, and trained Future Shredding Personnel handle the materials stored in these containers.

Future Shredding, Inc enables the proper disposal of PPI through its certified On-Site shredding process. While many businesses outsource their information destruction to Off-Site service providers, Future Shredding, Inc customers appreciate the limited Chain of Custody that the On-Site shredding method provides, reducing the time and distance between information access and its destruction.

SOC 2 Compliance

We are committed to providing the most secure and reliable outsourced document and hard drive destruction services to our customers.

Today, many businesses gather Personal Protected Information (PPI) from their customers in order to process transactions and to provide services. This information is often printed on paper or stored on digital storage devices.

Our business customers enter into tailored service agreements with Future Shredding, Inc to securely dispose of all information in physical form.

We provide secure containers that hold the information containing materials between scheduled On-Site service calls.

Our team members confidentially handle the material at the time of service, destroying it completely beyond recognition at the customer’s location using a certified mobile shredding process, and then we recycle the remnants.

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